BMW Intake Cleaning Salem OR

BMW Intake Cleaning

BMW Intake Cleaning Salem OR
BMW introduced engine injectors that are inside the combustion chamber, rather than utilizing a traditional intake manifold fuel injection. This kind of direct injection was a great improvement on fuel economy. In fact, it was such a great improvement that most vehicle makers followed suit. The problem with this new technology came with the adjustments necessary while it was being perfected. Depending on the year and model BMW you have, it may need different types and levels of intake cleaning. Prestige Auto offers dealer-level BMW intake cleaning in Salem, OR. Our expert technicians can clean the intake on the oldest to newest model BMWs.

Some models of BMW are built in a way that allow oil to escape through an intake port used by the CCV for vacuum. This oil buildup has a negative impact on performance and fuel efficiency. Even the newer model BMWs have some oil that will escape. A specialized understanding of BWM and the right equipment to service these vehicles is needed for safe, thorough intake cleaning. With a combined staff experience of over 50 years, our team preforms quality BMW intake cleaning you can rely on.

Superior Quality BMW Intake Cleaning in Salem OR

Our team works efficiently, yet delicately. We get your car back to you in as little time as possible to minimize your inconvenience, however, we never cut corners on quality. There is a reason people bring their BMWs to us time and again. We build long-term relationships with our customers through fast, efficient, quality auto repair as well as top-of-the-line customer care.

We offer transparent estimates with no hidden fees and we will never suggest erroneous services you do not need. That is all part of how we foster trust in our community.

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We also specialize in suspension and alignment services for BMW.