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With more than 30 years of dealer experience and BMW factory-level annual training Prestige Auto Repair has the quality BMW service you can count on. We understand the unique, specialized needs of the various BMW engines, and are equipped to work on each of them.

Common BMW services include:

  • Oil Leaks – Often accompanied by smoke or a burning smell, most commonly due to a valve cover gasket leak.
  • Coolant Leak – Generally creating an increase in the BMW engine getting hot more quickly.
  • Window Motor Stops – This is due to a failed window regulator.
  • Front Suspension Issues – Most noticeably felt as a jolt in the steering while braking.

At Prestige Auto Repair in Salem, OR, we offer expert foreign auto repair on these common BMW problems and much more. We also handle all ongoing BMW maintenance. Regular maintenance can greatly elongate the lifetime of your BMW.

Our BMW mechanic has the familiarity and expertise to follow BMW factory recommendations. We are able to keep your BMW finely tuned and in stellar working condition. Your BMW is an investment, and we want you to get the largest return possible on that investment. We do that be keeping it in tip-top shape, catching any maintenance concerns before they become major repairs.

Trusted BMW Repair

At Prestige Auto Repair, all our BMW repairs are handled by a hand-picked team of foreign auto repair specialists. Together we have over 50 years of leading BMW service in Salem, OR. We start with open, thorough communication. Our top-of-the-line diagnostics pinpoints the problem. Our service team verifies the issue and then discusses it with you. We keep you informed of the problem, the repair process, and related concerns before any work is done.

BMW N62 Engine Repair Specialists

At Prestige Auto Repair we service many BMW N62. One common complaint is the oil consumption is high or the N62 is smoking. These are often due to an oil leak. If your N62 is in need of oil leak repair or has other concerns, you will not find better BMW service in Salem, OR. The specialty care of the N62, and other BMW engines, require specific know how. Our A+ rating with the BBB and our excellent reviews prove that our customers trust our expertise. That is because we come through for them again and again.
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