Carbon Blasting Salem, OR

Safe, efficient intake valve carbon blasting in Salem, OR

Carbon Blasting Salem OR
The heat from an engine causes carbon molecules that split from fuel and oil vapors to bake onto the intake valves. Over time, the buildup grows and prevents the valves from sealing shut. Prestige Auto utilize safe, effective methods for a thorough cleaning, so your car will run efficiently again.

Direct injected engines inject fuel straight into the cylinders. In other types of engines, fuel washes over the valves, rinsing them clean. Detergents added to gas eliminate the buildup of carbon on the intake valves,  but with direct injection engines the gas never directly flows over these valves. Vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, and Mini suffer from a carbon buildup that affects the car’s performance.

What are the signs you need a carbon blast cleaning?

When carbon builds up on the intake valves and they lose the ability to close tightly, you will notice performance issues like:

  • Misfiring
  • Rough idling
  • Check engine light comes on

When the airflow is reduced, the car will not be reliable, and fuel efficiency will also be reduced.

Direct Injection Valve Cleaning

Prestige Auto utilizes specialized equipment that blasts the carbon from the intake manifold and valves. While many manufacturers claim their vehicles do not need to be services for 100,000 miles, this is not the case for direct injection engines. The carbon buildup absolutely needs to be cleaned, or the engine will eventually stop running. How often you need this service will depend on how many miles you put on your car on a regular basis.

Our ASE Master technicians are experienced in inspecting the condition of your intake system. We offer a detailed inspection report and will never suggest services you don’t need. Call today for trusted service in Salem, OR and the surrounding area.

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